TPPL V3 Conference announcement. 23rd July 2018



As our LinkedIn page states

Our objective? To change the way we work.

How will we do that? Not sure, we are on V3 of our idea, but we believe to achieve great things then you must fail greatly! (To borrow from RFK). Confident we can do better than Dyson, who on V5126 came up with his bagless vacuum cleaner.

A quick recap on how we have got to here

TPPL V1. Freelancer as Advocate finds and negotiates agency type contract with Client. TPPL acts as agent and provides guarantees to Freelancer/Client that outside IR35. Ran Feb 2017 to Feb 2018. Great Chief Advocate in @Mark Edwards who ran through brick walls to try and make it happen. Made some sales, but became clear it was not going to beat the current Agencies.
TPPL V2 300 Freelancers fund their own Business Development Director. Online conference launched in March 2018 and date set of June 21st 2018 to achieve 300 expressions of interest. We got 80.

TPPL V3 Draft paper being prepared and will be tabled in our online Conference room by 23rd July 2018

Access to the Online Conference is free of charge to members of the Pioneer Group