The Project Pool Newsletter No 1


The Project Pool. V2.0

We have spent the last twelve months trying to bring life to the Advocate concept. Putting it bluntly…It has not worked.

One of our members summed it up really well

“From personal experience my motivation has wained as it has become a hard objective to chase. Trying to find leads within your sector without damaging your credibility by mentioning there is a cost involved, immediate response is “so you’re working for a recruitment agency”. So the large players don’t want to engage with me as an individual and those smaller ones that I can speak to, who I know personally, I am only jeopardising my potential future relationships with them.”

It has been a great experience working with Mark Edwards, James Suddaby and Emma Creasey to try and bring this to life and I am certain that if anyone could have done it…it would have been this team. It was not to be and we wish them the best of luck as they move onto their next contract.

What to do next? We have some ideas, but we want to discuss them with you first. We have simplified our community site and would ask that if you are keen to help us “Change the way we work” you log in and fill in the Visitor book.

I will then give you access to our online Conference room where we will discuss and agree the next steps.

The Project Pool rows the Atlantic

The Project Pool sponsored Steve Shanly in his attempt to row the Atlantic and on Valentines day, 41 days after leaving Gran Canaria, he made landfall in Barbados. He is one of only 76 Rowers to have completed the voyage and he was 4th fastest. I was keen to support Steve as I saw this as a sporting metaphor for the challenges facing Freelancers in an uncertain world

For some more info on this inspirational story

Town Hall. Friday 2nd March 2018. 1300 Hours to 1400 Hours

These are an online meeting using a great bit of kit that we think is better than Skype. Anyone is welcome, you do not have to be a member of The Project Pool to join in.
To join the Town Hall all you need is a laptop or mobile with Internet access, video and microphone.
Enter Meeting ID 587 423 4048

Look forward to seeing as many of you as possible (Note: Meeting limited to 100 on first come, first served basis)

Kind Regards
Andy White
Chairman: The Project Pool Ltd


Thanks for the update Andy. Am I already in the online confrerence room you mention?


HI Mike. Process now amended. You are in the Conference room!