Is membership only for named individuals, or do limited companies qualify?


Hi, I don’t want to use the controversial term “PSC”. However, given that some of the likely membership (such as myself) will be operating limited companies, and any contracts that are awarded are likely to be implemented via said limited companies, can the membership be associated with limited companies,or only named individuals?

A follow up question is: would the proposed subscription be claimable as a company expense, or an expense against named individuals? If the latter, is there an approved mechanism for reclaiming those costs as a business expense, or would it be considered to be a loss-leader expense that cannot be reclaimed?


membership will be for a limited company. just like a coop can be made up of individuals or a group of companies.

the whole idea is that we operate as businesses - which we are. we are not individuals who use a psc but companies.


Thanks Stephen (@searly)
Just to confirm this question relates to V2 (In summary: 300 Freelancers got together and funded their own Business Development Director). We did not reach the required level of Interest and are now moving to discussion on V3. You can be part of that discussion by applying to join this group

I can confirm that if we adopt a subscription model…it will be in the name of your business, not you individually. As such, it will be a legitimate business expense and therefore set off against any profit your company may earn @jtucker I would be most grateful for your confirmation as a reply to this comment


Yes, it would be a legitimate business expense and therefore tax deductible.