HMRC and IR35 no longer a concern for The Project Pool Freelancer


Really good article from Caroline Donnelly at Computer Weekly reporting on research carried out by Qdos Consulting

Of the more than 1,500 independent contractors questioned, 81% said they would be put off working for a private sector recruitment agency or business that solely relied on HMRC’s Check Employment Status for Tax ( ) assessment tool to ascertain how they should be taxed.

For independent contractors working through The Project Pool…they no longer have to worry about HMRC and IR35. We will negotiate proper business to business terms with the client which puts our independent contractors well outside the minefield known as IR35. The Project Pool will indemnify the contractor (or the client if in the Public sector) for any tax liability if we have made a mistake.

We think that independent contractors deserve a fairer deal from their recruitment agency and clients want a better, faster, more cost effective service. Cloud based; we aim to change the way we work and the business is evolving through the help of stakeholders engaged in an online Conference right now.

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Computer Weekly Article: Contractor confidence in HMRC’s IR35 online assessment tool remains low