Budget 2017 Webinar now available


Morning Team

Arrived back into LHR late last night. Missed the Live Stream which I discovered hit a tech hitch. Hats off to the Team for cracking on and restarting. I have just uploaded the copy here
Brilliant job of chairing by @Tim and great contributions from everybody. @Dick, @Philip @Emma @Mark
Well done to @JamesS for having a crack at trying out Live Stream for the first time. Pushing the envelope is what we are about, sometimes we end up the wrong side :slight_smile:

The experts: John Chaplin and Seb Maley made some great contributions. For me; the key takeway was from John “Get away from the Borderline” …Which is exactly what the TPPL contracts are designed to do.


I’ve shared it on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. I will probably have few friends left once they see my own effort, but I’m proud of it and I thought the quality and content of the presentations was very high.